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Let it Sparkle + Sprinkle with 24 Magical Days of Sprinkles!   Value: Over $160! 

Celebrate 24 magical days of Christmas with 24 x 2oz surprise bottles of our premium, world-famous sprinkles, each nestled in their own happy little drawer! Counting down to a dreamy holiday has never been so fun. 

What to expect: 

  • 2022 Sparkle Ticket Promo! We have randomly placed a Sweetapolita Sparkle Ticket in the drawer of 2 calendars. If you receive a Sparkle Ticket, you win a $500 Sweetapolita Gift Card!
  • Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 3”
  • 23 new and exclusive Sprinkle Medleys + 1 specialty item (Luxe)
  • A mix of traditional and contemporary Christmas and Winter-themed mixes and about 8 adorable everyday-style mixes
  • Comes in an adorable, reusable fabric drawstring bag. 
  • This Sprinkle Advent Calendar is currently shipping - orders are currently fulfilled in 1-3 business days

Items in this calendar contain SOY, MILK, GELATIN and WHEAT. May contain trace amounts of tree nuts. 

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