Doll Barbie Name Debosser

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Imagination, life is your creation with our Doll Barbie Name Debosser This Doll Barbie Name Debosser design is perfect for any occasion, especially for that Barbie in your life.

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Ready to 3D deboss your design?

We'll help you get the hang of it in no time. Start by lightly dusting pre-rolled fondant with cornflour and place it over the etched side of the debosser. Roll over it with a rolling pin—this will push the fondant into the design and give you a magically-raised result! Peel it off and then cut around the design with a cookie cutter. Give your cookie a quick spritz of water and transfer the fondant. Once it's on there, you can paint or decorate for a show-stopping result! Wowzers.