Drawstring Makeup Storage Bag Women Portable Travel Black Large Capacity Portables Handbag Storage-Bags Trendy

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Size 50X62CM

Drawstring beam design:
As long as you pull the rope, you can pack all the large and the small cosmetic items quickly, saving time and effort!
Just open the bag when make-up, and you can see what you want at once, no need to find it everywhere; after the make-up, simply pull the rope, and all the cosmetics can be well packed, and you no longer need to place them in the cosmetics bag.


Basic data:
✓ Style: Simple and elegant
✓ Color: Black
✓ Material: Polyester
✓ unfolded size: 68cm * 57cm / 26.8in * 22.4in
✓ Weight: 110g