Flag Cookie Cutter

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Material: The cutters are 3D printed with PLA plastic.
Color: Colors may vary based on availability.
Measurements: Measurements are based on the longest side of the cutter.
For the measurements that have a range, it is for the cutters that are thin, 1 cm is added, for the wide cutters, approximately .5 to 1 cm is subtracted.

Our cutters are designed for comfortable use with a support at the top and a slight rounding so that their corners do not bother pressing when you are going to cut your dough, they also come with a stepped edge to better cut your cookies.
Care: Wash with soap and cold or lukewarm water, before and after use.
Keep away from heat and hot places as they can lose their original shape.
Store them in a place that is protected from shock to avoid breaking or splintering.