Livs 12 Pack Makeup Sponge Holder Beauty Sponges Drying Stand Cosmetics Egg Blender Storage Rack Case Powder Puff Cosmetic Display Bracket Stander

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  • Package Contents:12 x Sponge Drying Rack
  • The beauty sponge storage rack can store all kinds of beauty sponges and powder puffs.
  • The surface of the bracket is smooth and flat, finely polished, it will never damage your beauty sponge.
  • After using the puff two or three times, it should be cleaned in time. After washing, it should be placed in a ventilated place in the puff rack to dry naturally.
  • Clean and hygienic, the beauty sponge does not come into contact with the desktop, and it is ventilated and easy to dry.
  • Breathable structure, ventilated and easy to dry, preventing the puff from getting moldy due to humidity.