Multi-Functional Travel Cosmetic Makeup Bag - Color Gray

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• Waterproof Material :Made of waterproof polyester material, this toiletry bag keeps your belongings safe and dry while traveling.

• Multiple Compartments :With multiple compartments and mesh pockets, this bag provides ample space to store all your travel essentials.

• Portable and Lightweight :Weighing only a few ounces, this bag is easy to carry around and perfect for traveling light.

• Hangs Easily :The hanging design of this bag makes it easy to store in your suitcase or backpack, saving you valuable space.


Convenient and Practical: This toiletry bag is perfect for organizing your travel essentials, with multiple mesh pockets and compartments to keep everything in place.

Waterproof and Durable: Made of high-quality waterproof material, this bag can withstand any spills or leaks, and is easy to clean.

Hang Anywhere: The built-in hook allows you to hang the bag on a towel rack, door knob, or any other convenient spot, making it easy to access your toiletries.

Versatile Design: Not just for toiletries, this bag can also be used to store makeup, jewelry, and other small items, making it a great all-purpose travel accessory.