Sprinkle Pen

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A sprinkle of penmanship here, perfect for detailed sprinkle work. Cake decorating with our sprinkle pen can help take your sprikle game to the next level with precision. Youll also get FREE refill wax! 

Select from pink or white! 

Perfect to use with: sprinkles, nonpareils, dragees/rods, hard candies & gumballs, royal icing decor, fondant & modeling chocolate, Sweet Stamp Lettering Sets, and tons more!

It has a food-safe wax core that securely clasps onto any sprinkle shape, and it can be reshaped between sizes. This wax tip can be used thousands of times before it loses its stickiness (usually from picking up pearls with an ultra-lustrous dusting). Don't worry though, you can easily pinch off the old one and craft a new one — smarty-pants!




How to Use:
Remove your Sprinkle Pen from its case and rotate the plunger several times until the food-safe material starts oozing (instructions below). You'll get a reusable tip! To stay fresh, keep your Sprinkle Pen in its storage container between uses. If your tip gets grubby or misshapen, pinch it off, rotate the plunger, and re-extrude some food-safe material.


Instructions for First Use:

Gently heat the tip and base of the Sprinkle Pen and get ready to get crafty! A heat gun works great, but you can use a hair dryer, hot water, or any gentle heat source. Once you see the food-safe material making its way through the silver tip, give it a few moments for the pressure to chill out before you start twisting. Alternate slow twists with the heat until the material peeks through, then let it rest again until the pressure dissipates. Once the material's out, you can trim and shape it to your heart's content. Finally, wait for your Sprinkle Pen to return to room temp before starting your fun project. Pro Tip: If you twist too fast and too hard, the resulting pressure might send more material out than you want. If this happens, you can always pop it back into the pen and reuse it!